2015’s Last Love Song.



I’d planned to turn this into a long post, and honestly I’d started and almost finished several drafts.

But I never felt settled about what to say. It’s the last post of 2015, yeah? I’m supposed to make it a good one, talk about this past year, talk about what I hope for in 2016.

But I don’t have a lot to say, and I think that’s okay.


/ / /

Dear 2015, I watched your last sunset tonight, and you did not disappoint. Somehow your last day, though starting off dreary and misty, turned into a stunning last love song as the sky went dark and you said goodbye to the light. 

You will soon finish your song, but not before you belt one last verse into your numbered hours.



2015, you were a hell of a fight. I learned a lot from you. You showed me what it feels like to be honest. You showed me that we could easily walk through life being fake and no one would question it. You taught me it’s easy to love yourself but nearly impossible to like yourself if you’re unwilling to be real with people. 

hb (www.hannahbrencher.com)



So here’s to you, 2015.

Here’s to your raw, unhindered authenticity.

Here’s to the grace you extended with open hands.

Here’s to the friendships strengthened because of that honesty.

Here’s to the midnight conversations and the moments I felt most alive.

Here’s to the tiny victories.

Here’s to the moments you taught me my brave. The moments you brought me out of the woods. The moments you walked me into the storm, teaching me to stand steadfast.

I asked you at the beginning of your birth to “Come, 2015. Show me my God is faithful.” 

And you have.

So may your last love song be one not of the memory of the storm but of the authenticity, grace, and brave you left behind.

May you rest in peace.

Raising my glass to you tonight.


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